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The Only 6 Resources You Need To Improve Your Pitch

pitch improvement

I wanted to share with you some of the best and greatest resources that have helped me improve my pitching skills over the years. It’s not the usual list where you’d expect only blog posts; no, you’ll find books, blogs, video courses (free of course), and more. It’s never been easier to perfect your pitch and increase your sales. Dig in!

Presentation Zen

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One of the most profound books on the topic of creating extraordinary presentations. Garr takes the principles of Zen and combines them with slides to create brutally simple but effective presentations. Not only you should read the book, but take as much as you can from the lessons he posts on his blog. They’re free. Namaste!

The Art Of Storytelling By Pixar

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Storytelling lessons from Pixar for free? Sign me up! Imagine knowing how to make a great story? I always knew that even in 10 slide pitch decks, you still need to have a story infused in between those slides or otherwise you would lose your audience. So dig in the videos and watch! Although I know that after watching these videos, no one will probably want to go with me to the cinema to watch Pixar movies (I’d know how each story would progress and probably just blurt out spoilers for the fun of it).

Nancy Duarte

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The first time I read the book Resonate I immediately resonated with it. I mean, the amount of analysis that went into creating the concepts that Nancy talks about is just overwhelming and priceless. In essence, she talks about how you can make your presentation feel like a hero’s journey and she shows you a step by step guide on how to do exactly that. If you feel you need more resources, just head over to her blog. Besides tips for the actual design, you’ll find great advice on body language, audience control and more. Want some more? Check out Slideology too.

What Every Body Is Saying

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Perfecting the delivery and the content itself is really important but if your audience is not following you and is daydreaming, what’s the point? Luckily you get to have books like “What Every Body Is Saying” that teach you exactly that: what everybody is saying. Written by an ex FBI agent (reminds me of the White Collar series) it delves deep into analyzing every single gesture that your audience might do, how to interpret it, how to respond to it, and use it to your own advantage. It’s deviously informative and will make you look at people differently after reading it. Mostly suited for small pitches, where the audience is up to 5-6 people so that you can read all of them.

Pitch Anything

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I wish Oren was my dad. Well at least in a different life (current dad: I love you more than Oren). He wrote the book Pitch Anything and gave pitching, sales, and communication a completely different meaning. He analyzed the perfect pitch and dissected it to its atomic parts so that you and me, the mortals can try and sell something online as well as he has been for the past decade. Just wait until you get to the Framing Concept – it’s MINDBLOWING.

Guy Kawasaki

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Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without him. Former Apple evangelist, current Canva evangelist, the guy has 1000 horsepower when it comes to marketing, pitching, and evangelism. He created one of the most profound presentation templates ever – the ten slide pitch deck (a.k.a. the ten commandments) that even today is considered as the go-to resource for all pitches.


Here’s your guide to create a pitch deck from scratch.



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