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6 Resources With Unspoken Body Language Tips To Help You Win Pitches

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When trying to sell something to someone, it all comes down to how much confidence you have in you about what you’re selling. Some of us have it in us; the natural talent to sell easily. Some of us don’t and that’s ok.

  • One of the success factors that separates the naturals from the rest is their stellar body language.
  • The second factor is recognizing the responses that their audience is projecting and dealing with them accordingly.

The following resources will help you become more natural and increase the chances of wining pitches, sales presentations and any type of confrontations. Feel free to add your advice in the comments if you think something is missing!

How to Spot And Deal With Liars

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Why is it important to know if someone is lying to you when you’re trying to pitch them? So you don’t waste your time with people that don’t deserve your service/product and avoid a potentially toxic relationship down the line. The people over at Science Of People have a cool article on some of the most important things you need to know about liars. If you want to find out more on how to spot liars and deal with them, here are some really good resources to help you on that front:

  • Scambusters – as the name suggests, these guys reveal scams happening all over the US and tell you how you can avoid being scammed.
  • The Psychology Of Persuasion – one of the bibles of every sales person in the universe.
  • Eyes For Lies – One of the few good deception experts in the world.
  • Truth About Deception – Although focused mostly on relationships, the advice given here are universal and can be used in any area of your life, particularly sales and pitching.

Body Language Mistakes To Avoid

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Have you been in a situation where someone who is talking to you is consistently staring at you in a certain spot without blinking or moving his gaze, for 10 minutes? Uncomfortable is probably an understatement as to how I’d feel then, and probably won’t even remember a thing the person will say. “That’s a rapist look. Is he a rapist? What up with the staring, dude?”

To avoid these simple mistakes when talking to someone and trying to sell them something, the good people at Visme have created a short article containing the 20 body language mistakes you should avoid doing. Check it out.

5 Body Language Secrets To A Million Dollars?

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Highly unlikely, unless people were robots and they could only do these 5 body language motions daily, described by Forbes – so if you manage to master them (in this imaginary world), you’d probably be a billionaire. But, in reality even if they don’t make you a millionaire, these 5 tips will definitely help you establish your power position increase the chances of selling what you sell.

Noticing Emotional Intelligence Through Body Language

This is an interesting one and it requires you to be conversing with someone that actually has emotional intelligence otherwise, skip this post. The level of emotional intelligence you have will directly influence the outcome of the conversation you’re having (whether it’s a pitch, sales call or just arguing with your girlfriend (maybe forget the last part)). The only way to show how high (no pun intended) your EI is, is through congruent body language/verbal communication and this post will show you some tips on how you can achieve that balance.

8 Basic Tips To Read Body Language

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So here’s a post with the basics. Not sure why the author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 would create such a simple post (when he could have shed a much more detailed look into EQ considering his expertise) but whatever – elegance in simplicity right? 8 dead simple tips on how you can improve your body language to increase the chances of winning your next sales pitch.

Building Rapport

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One of the most important things that you can do to make sure you establish a long lasting relationship with your potential clients is to build rapport. There are different techniques to build rapport and Hubstaff have explained one of them by explaining it in a huge post containing 60+ questions to ask your potential client and build rapport with. If you want to learn more on how to build rapport, here are some additional resource:

Hope you enjoyed the list. Have an interesting resource in mind? Feel free to share it in the comments.



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