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7 Resources To Keep Your Mind Sharp & Ready To Win Any Pitch

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There’s a story about two lumberjacks. They argued who’s faster at woodcutting and decided to find out through a duel.

The one who would cut the most trees in 8 hours will win.

Both started immediately. The first lumberjack, being younger and full of enthusiasm, slashed through the trees without stopping once during the 8 hours.

When they finished, the younger lumberjack expected that he would win; instead the other lumberjack, much older one, won the duel.

When the younger asked, how was that even possible when he was the one slashing all day long without stopping, and at the same time the older lumberjack was taking breaks every half hour.

The older one told the younger one: I wasn’t taking breaks, I was sharpening my axe.

Same thing happens with our minds. We must “sharpen” them daily. How do you “sharpen” a mind?

Why sharpen them?

So that you can do more in less time and have more time to sharpen your mind even more. Like a never ending loop.

The following resources have been created for that purpose, so dig in!

The List

Building A StoryBrand

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Is your business struggling to get new clients and close warm leads? It might not be because your product is bad or potential clients just don’t need it. It could be because your brand is lacking the story element. An element as old as the Big Bang, it’s coded in every customers psyche and if you want them to buy what you’re selling, you better know how to tell a story with your brand. Luckily we have Donald Miller to teach us how to do it. It’s a modern take on the hero’s journey concept that you can use in your marketing approach and get more clients. And if you need some more inspiration, his blog has more than enough stories for you to read around the camp fire.

The Flinch

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The flinch is the instinct that tells you to run, the reaction which causes you to refuse a challenge and prevents you from moving forward. It urges you to avoid risk and hard work, and it pushes you to choose safe and easy options. The book essentially teaches you what stops you from getting out of your comfort zone and evolve (physically, spiritually, and mentally). After reading it, you’d have a concept in mind about what is that thing that was stopping you from going great. Now that you know about it, you can take measures to work around it, work with it, or suppress it to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Persuasion IQ

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Probably the most powerful techniques to to persuade anyone to do anything (in line with morality and ethics). This book is the result of years of observing and interviewing some of the worlds most top persuaders and their techniques to make people say yes to anything. So, if you had difficulties getting to a sale or convincing someone to do something, this book will upgrade your persuasion skill and put it at least one eon in the future.

The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain’s Untapped Potential

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Oldie but Goldie. What if you could structure your brain in a way that you could improve memory, concentration, creativity in planning and structuring thought on all levels, accelerate the ability to learn, remember, and record information? Mind maps do exactly that, they structure your way of thinking. For some of us, our mind is in complete chaos, running like crazy, spitting thoughts not connected to reality, and in general slowing us down. Having a mind map is like having a visualized windows explorer in your brain that will segment and structure all memories and thoughts so that you can easily go in and pick whichever one you like and need. It’s not an easy process to learn, but when you do, you’d be cutting trees with a chainsaw instead of an axe.

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

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Want better focus? Nowadays, it’s easy to loose focus considering the amount of information we are bombarded with every day. Thanks to the focus man Daniel Goleman, we now know how focus works, what is it, and how we can improve it to become more efficient, less tired, and…wait for it…FOCUSED.


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Do you have those moments when everything in your life seems to be perfectly aligned and you’re at your best, achieving everything you want, without any effort or thinking? How about having that moment multiply in every second of your life? Mihaly…khm…Csikszentmihalyi’s says it’s completely possible to achieve flow in any moment and he shows us how to do it by dissecting the process into its atomic parts. You’ll be chopping trees like crazy and you won’t even know it!

Superior Man

Pic Copyright by GoodReads

I thought I became a god after reading this book. Actually, David Deida is a god. You know why? He wrote the manual for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom – or in other words: How to motherf$cking rule life. After you read this, you won’t be able to sharpen your axe. You’ll be able to take down the whole forest with your bare hands in half the time you’d need to do it with an axe.



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