6 Home Office Productivity Tips

It’s not easy being a director in this world. When I was young, I was told that being productive in your home office was a myth. Well, nay sayers, after 25 years of working in offices I got a list for you to refute that and let you go back to convincing people the earth is flat. Dig in!

Temperature Control

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Imagine not being able to walk in your shorts during winter time in your own home office because you forgot to replace your old AC? Temperature control is a must in every home office, if you want to be efficient and effective with your work. Sean Paul said it best – “I got the right temperature fi shelter you fram the storm” – so keep it cool during summer, warm during winter and wear your favorite office shirt with shorts!

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The Power Of Green

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Not talking about weed here. I’m talking about having green surfaces around your home office. Why? Green color is proven to relax the eyes and mind, and having a wall painted in mild green will definitely help you chill out a bit – put on some nature tunes, close your eyes and it’s as if you’re in nature! Want more extreme than that? Why don’t you just make a wall with real plants?

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Exercise Equipment


Some of us are lazy to go to the gym. Some of us get so involved with our work that forget to stand up even after 24 hours. Talk about dedication right (Sup Tesla?). Why not get your self some small weights or a static bike and get that blood flowing away from your brain and into the rest of the body?

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Sometimes all you need is the right song to motivate you to workout and sweat those burgers you eat everyday. Same goes for working – having a playlist that puts you in the zone while working and keeps you there for hours at a time will do you wonders. Techno, house, classical, folk, whatever helps. Just make sure to have at least 2+ hours of playlist music at hand (particularly if you’re using youtube) so that you don’t get a surprise segway from Beethoven to RHCP.

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Productivity hack: Your office is a reserve for tigers that get released in it every 8 hours.

Again, not talking about weed. Having plants in your home office does several things for you. It makes you care for something else besides making money, it makes you stand up and forget about work for a while and if the plant is an air purifying plant, it helps to clean the air. Just like being in a forest right?

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Rocking Chair


The best way to be productive is to take meaningful breaks between work intervals. One thing that always helps is having a rocking chair, neatly situated to your fireplace or mini fridge, where you can sit, rock, watch the fire and pour some whiskey on rocks. Forget about making that money for a while and enjoy the ones you have.

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Destroy Distractions

Destroiz me? wHY?

Annihilate them and start doing that with your table. We are very easy to distract because our voice tells us to do everything besides actual meaningful work. “oh look a manual for the drone you bought that has no priority at all right now, but what the hell let me go through it anyways!”. Keep your table as clean as possible and go to the extreme where you only have your laptop and nothing else there. Your wallet will thank you.

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